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Changes Made to TNA Fan-Voted Gutcheck Tournament


Impact Wrestling officially announced their new online gutcheck competition a few weeks ago, which would pit over 300 names from the independents against each other in a set of 16 tournament style brackets where each winner would advance on with one name ultimately getting an opportunity at the televised gutcheck during a future date.

Today, the company announced a few changes to those rules. Notably that instead of one name advancing in each bracket, it will now be the top three vote getters that move on due to popular demand. In addition, the end date for voting was originally set for March 11th, but has now moved up almost a full month to February 15th. This means that you may vote for your favorites for the next two weeks and then the top three names in each bracket advance on.

Among the names listed are a plethora of notable independent talent, which include the following:

Bracket 1: Zaira Ojeda
Bracket 1: Geneviève Goulet (Commonly known as LuFisto)

Bracket 3: Brandy Way (Commonly known as Brittany Force)

Bracket 4: Veronica Carrejo (Commonly known as Simply Luscious)

Bracket 5: Kristina Saeger (Commonly known as Lylah Lodge)
Bracket 5: Paloma Vargas (Commonly known as Paloma Starr)

Bracket 6: Devorah Frost (Commonly known as Epiphany)
Bracket 6: Desiree Snow (Commonly known as Mia Svensson)

Bracket 7: Tina San Antonio (Commonly known as Tina San Antonio)

Bracket 8: Latoya Allsopp (Commonly known as Luscious Latasha)

Bracket 9: Kelly Klein

Bracket 11: Jessika Heiser (Commonly known as Jessie Kaye)

Bracket 12: Holly Davis (Commonly known as Holly Rocamora)

Bracket 13: Kacee Carlisle (Commonly known as Kacee Carlisle)
Bracket 13: Adrienne Reese (Commonly known as Athena)
Bracket 13: Roxsanne Mathena (Commonly known as Foxy Roxy)

Bracket 16: Nicole Barela (Commonly known as Niya)

Reminder: voting for this round closes on February 15th, 2013. You may vote for any of the names listed by clicking on their respective bracket number above, which will lead you to the polls where you are free to select your pick.

Who will you be voting for? Drop a comment and let us know!

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