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Charlotte Flair comments on her match against Liv Morgan

Charlotte Flair has been working double duty over the last several weeks as she has had to appear on both her own brand, RAW, and the brand she is the champion on, NXT. On this week’s NXT, she defended her title against number one contender Io Shirai and caused a disqualification when she used a kendo stick. This prompted a return for Rhea Ripley.

Prior to this happening, Flair was challenged by Liv Morgan this past Monday in a non-title match.

Morgan may have ended up on the losing end of the match, however, it did not paint her in a bad light. In fact, it did quite the opposite. The two were given plenty of time. They had a promo, a match, and a reference to their encounter nearly a year ago. The loss made Morgan look strong and that is the best way to lose a match.

Flair spoke with Justin Barrasso from Sports Illustrated and had the following to say about her moment with Morgan.

“My take was when I first found out about it, was we had three segs [television segments], with a promo and a match, that is a huge chunk of time. That’s an opportunity to highlight Liv, highlight myself, and it’s much more time than we were given before. I went out there thinking, ‘How can I give Liv the best performance knowing she is the next big thing?’

Having the promo and the two segs, I don’t think people realize how much goes into that. I’ve had those reps, she hasn’t. I know people were disappointed she lost but, at the same time, it makes you go, ‘I want more for her!’ Now you want more for Liv. Sometimes people forget this, but you can’t slay the dragon on the first night.”

What do you make of Charlotte’s response to this match and the opportunity that Liv is being given? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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