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Charlotte Flair comments on pursuing a men’s championship

Charlotte Flair spoke with Sportskeeda on her thoughts of women pursuing and capturing men’s championship through intergender match-ups. More specifically she spoke on IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard and how she supports what she has accomplished. She cites the win of Blanchard as an accolade for all women around the world. It is something she would love to do in the future as she states below:

“It’s something that I want to pursue but, if you look at the big picture when women are succeeding in different organizations all around the world, we’re all succeeding and we’re all winning from that,” said Flair.

She continues, “So for her to hold that accolade is just, we should support and be just extremely proud, as a woman, to see her do that because when one’s doing well, we’re all doing well. That is what has pretty much driven the Women’s Evolution is we work better in numbers, so it’s not something that I think about right now but I couldn’t be more proud and happy for what she is doing for women around the world.”

Flair currently is in her second-reign as NXT Women’s Champion which marks her 12th title reign in her career.

Blanchard currently is in Mexico with her fiance Daga and has been unable to compete for IMPACT. This is as a result of the COVID pandemic and unable to return to the United States. She was unable to make it to the Rebellion taping in April to defend her title in a Three-way match. IMPACT has announced that this Tuesday they will address the future of the championship as a result.

What do you think the idea of Flair eventually going after a men’s championship? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Credit for transcriptions to Fightful.

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