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Charlotte Flair opens up about her health and surgery

Charlotte Flair took to social media today to open up about her health and why she is currently out of action. Flair was last seen being attacked backstage by Nia Jax on RAW a month ago after she suffered a loss from Asuka. This was a way to write off Flair from television. There were many different reports on why Flair needed time off, but one common answer was that she needed surgery.

Flair takes some time to explain her situation on her Twitter account. A topic that many would shy away from in regards to breast augmentation, Flair opens up about her history of it and what is currently going on.

In these initial posts, Flair comments on her previous issues. It was after WrestleMania 34 and she felt extremely sick. After consulting with doctors they confirmed a worst-case scenario of silicone poisoning.

She continues to discuss her current situation. The Queen has confirmed she does not have silicone poison this time around but she does have to fix an issue from the prior surgery. She admits she took a shorter time to recover last time. This time, she is thinking long term and will take the option that will help her long term.

This tough topic to speak about led to many fans letting her know that she doesn’t have to explain herself. That is a very true statement. However, The Queen explained she understands she doesn’t have to explain herself but wants to clear the air that she is not ashamed.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news on Charlotte Flair and her recovery/return.

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