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Charlotte Flair overcomes The Nightmare to become the NXT Women’s Champion

In what might just be the best women’s match of this year’s WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair becomes a two-time NXT Women’s Champion. Flair is far from hurting when it comes to winning championships, however, she hasn’t been a part of the NXT roster since 2015.

The match starts with a lot of taunting from Flair as she quickly went for the Figure Four to end things early. Moments later, Ripley would try to put the match away quickly in her favor as she hits Riptide. Flair kicked out at the last possible moment.

The first half of the high stakes bout was in the champions favor. Ripley had Flair on defense more often than The Queen is used to. The power of The Nightmare was clear and she was dead set on retaining her gold.

The feeling of Ripley retaining her coveted title seemed to start shifting as Flair focused on the champs leg/knee. The official had to ask Ripley multiple times if she wanted to end the match with the onslaught of attacks Flair was doing to her leg. Ripley refuse to quit.

In the end, Ripley would fall victim to the Figure Eight and submit – losing her title that she has held since defeating Shayna Baszler in December.

What did you think of this match? Were you happy with the outcome? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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