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Charlotte Flair on participating at Tribute to the Troops 2017

The WWE continues to celebrate their WWE Holiday Week with tonight’s (Dec 14th) presentation their annual Tribute to the Troops special.

To help hype the 15th celebration of the event, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Pollo Del Mar of the Arm Drag Takedown podcast to discuss being part of the Tribute to the Troops, the influx of new arriving from NXT to the main roster and her chemistry with Natalya. Highlights of the interview (courtesy of Pollo Del Mar) below.

On changes to the Women’s Division: “When you hear the women are main eventing, you aren’t really shocked. That’s huge! There are just so many things that have happened in the last two-and-a-half years. I think the biggest thing is just saying the Women are main eventing, and you aren’t shocked any more — because we’ve done it — and proven time and time again we deliver in that spot.”

On the influx of new Women from NXT: “I know what it’s like to come from NXT wanting to take over, wanting to make a difference. Now that we have so many women who have come up from NXT, and so many more debuts, it’s just more exciting to have fresh faces for fresh storylines. It raises competition and keeps everyone on their toes. I think it is great.”

Chemistry With Nattie: “What’s so special about me and Nattie is that she put me on the map in NXT. I won the NXT title from her, and then in my hometown a few weeks ago — which is even crazier, being in my hometown — winning the Smackdown Women’s title from her. You can’t deny our chemistry. Natalya is someone I always know, when I go in there, it just clicks.”

On Carmella’s Money in the Bank Threat: “I’ve never been in a situation where a girl can cash in or someone can interrupt our match. Carmella could cash in during our Clash of Champions match, and that’s something I’ve never been faced with before, so I don’t know what to expect — except just be wary of it.”

Participating in Tribute to the Troops 2017: “Knowing Tribute to the Troops is on a Naval Base and not in an arena, and we brought the show to them, all the men and women in their fatigues in the audience felt very personal and special. That’s how we wanted to make it for them. This is our most heartwarming and patriotic show of the year, and to be able to look at the ones front row — or even the ones in the bleachers — and look them in the eyes and say ‘Thank you’ on the mic after a match was extremely special.”

Charlotte also discusses her “unlikely journey” to the WWE, her short-lived marriages and co-authoring her book Second Nature with her father Ric Flair.

You can listen to the full interview here.

WWE’s Tribute to the Troops airs tonight at 8 PM ET on the USA Network.

What did you think of the interview? What have been some of your favorite moments from WWE’s Tribute to the Troops? Will you be tuning in to tonight’s show? Let us know in the comments below!

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