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Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks WrestleMania 32 04.03.16

In 2016 the change of the women’s division developed from them being known as Divas to simply Superstars. This Triple Threat match at WrestleMania 32 cemented that final chapter as Charlotte walked in as the Divas Champion but would walk out as WWE Women’s Champion. The championship that shortly thereafter would be renamed as the RAW Women’s Champion once SmackDown received their own title.

In order to decide Charlotte’s opponent for this match, both Lynch and Banks battled on a couple of occasions. First there was a double pin between the two followed up with a match that Charlotte involved herself in causing a no contest. As a result, a Triple Threat was invoked.

Charlotte held the Diva’s Championship at the time for 196-days and with her win of the Women’s Championship, she held that for another 113-days. This was until Banks defeated her on RAW which started their back and forth title exchange throughout the remainder of that year.

What were your thoughts on this match? Does it stick out to you as a pivitol moment in women’s wrestling history?

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