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Chelsea Green reveals someone in NXT told ROH not to sign her

Chelsea Green revealed a high-ranking member in NXT attempted to stop Ring of Honor from signing her.

Speaking on the Green With Envy podcast, Green spoke about her ROH debut before disclosing the attempted sabotage:

“When I debuted at Ring Of Honor this summer, someone at the top of the NXT food chain called them to tell them that they should not hire me.

So, let me just get this straight, when I got fired from WWE someone at the top of the NXT food chain called the company who was about to hire me to help me provide food for my family and for myself and told them not to hire me.

So this is just me being petty and telling the world a little bit of tea but I can’t believe a company would fire somebody and then try to block them from getting a job somewhere. It makes me sad. Really sad.”

Green debuted for ROH in July at the Best in the World event where Maria Kanellis Bennett announced the brackets for the Quest for Gold Women’s Title Tournament.

Chelsea Green in Ring of Honor
Chelsea Green in Ring of Honor

Since then she returned to IMPACT! Wrestling and debuted for NWA at Empowerrr. Green made history at the all-women’s event when she became the first-ever winner of the Women’s Invitational Cup.

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