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Chelsea Green says she was shocked by her WWE release but was mentally prepared for it

Chelsea Green was one of four women that were released by WWE last week along with six male superstars. She recently sat down with Fightful for a very candid interview where she explained she was surprised by her release but did receive a heads up.

Green was notified that cuts were happening and thanks to that notification she was able to mentally prepare herself. If she hadn’t been told about it she says that she would have thought the call was for her re-debut to SmackDown. The reason she was given for her release was “budget cuts.” She says that John Laurinaitis was the one who called her and he was “very, very sweet.”

“I actually was totally shocked,” said Green. “Not going to lie, I was totally shocked. I understand it. I wasn’t used and of course when I was used then I broke my arm. So I was definitely shocked, and in previous years when they have done the releases I was expecting it more throughout those releases. I was kind of ready last year and times before, but this time I was very shocked because I know my potential in the company and I know what I bring to the table, which is something different; character work and acting skills and promo abilities and that’s something that I know I will thrive at when I’m able to show that.

So yeah, I was totally shocked. Thankfully I was given a little bit of a heads up, a little warning, ‘Hey they are cutting people,’ so I was able to mentally prepare myself just in case because I will say, if I hadn’t have got that text letting me know, I would have thought that that phone call was for my debut and that would have been embarrassing. I am so thankful that I was forewarned because, wow, I was ready to debut, you know?”

Whereas Green was understanding about her release since she wasn’t being utilized and when she was she ended up injured, this cannot be said for all those that were released. Both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were on TV recently with Kay being used at last weekend’s WrestleMania.

Green also added that she was told that WWE is a revolving door and that a future with the company wouldn’t be out of the question. However, she is not one that is going to sit around and wait.

“They kind of say the same thing every time, which is that WWE is a revolving door and we’ve seen that happen, especially when we saw Jinder come back, and people like that, and become the champ. I know that that’s a possibility. I know that that sentence is true. With that being said, you can’t sit around and wait and I’m just not that type of person to sit around and wait. I never have been. I think that’s why I’ve done well in wrestling. I always left the party before the party was over. Even though I didn’t leave the party this time, I got kicked out, the party still is going. I can still come back and the party’s still going to be going.”

She also discusses a meeting that she had with Vince McMahon as well. For the full interview, you can view it below. Full credit for the interview and the transcription goes to Fightful.

Chelsea will no doubt wind up in a ring as quickly as she can. Whether it be AEW or IMPACT the options are there. She is a form IMPACT Knockouts Champion under the name Laurel Van Ness.

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