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Chelsea Green Says The Women’s Tag Team Titles Were Cursed, Not Anymore

Chelsea Green is flying solo at this time as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Her partner, Sonya Deville, had confirmed earlier in the week that she is now out with injury due to an ACL tear. This happened in her match against Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair on a previous episode of SmackDown.

Karen Green, I mean Chelsea, has not heard word what is next for the tag belts but she intends on finding a new partner as she has opened up auditions.

While speaking on WWE After the Bell, Green had the following to say –

“Do you really think Adam Pearce is taking the bull by the horns? It’s Adam Pearce. No, I have gone ahead and contacted my lawyers, and I have contacted management, I’ve let them know, [the titles] are not going anywhere. If they are going somewhere, they’re going to have to really put up a fight because at this point in time, they are coming everywhere with me. Nobody is touching these. Do you know how hard I worked for these? Eight years. Eight years, I have been fired and re-hired from this company. They are not going anywhere.” (Fightful)

Many fans regard these tag belts as cursed, and let’s face it, they haven’t had the best track record. Even Deville when she announced her injury stated that they were cursed (not really, but really). Green says they were cursed, but not anymore.

“They were cursed. Past tense. I am now the woman to change the trajectory of these tag team championships. They are no longer going to be cursed. I’ve gone ahead and bought some items to sage them. You will be seeing that on TikTok. We’re going to make a new pact for these bad boys. I’m the perfect woman to do that.”

She continues,

“I would love to be a one-man band and defend these bad boys. With that being said, someone has to come to me and present me with a worthy opponent. At this point in time, truly, the titles are around the waist of the only worthy competitor, which is myself. I’m going to need to see the women step it up in the division and prove to me that they deserve a shot at even stepping in the ring with me. I’ll tell you what, I’m not even going to put on an ounce of deodorant in the morning if they’re not worth it.”

Green has received some applications for a new partner including R-Truth and one of NXT’s newest talents Karmen Petrovic.

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