Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Cherry Looks… Pretty Much the Same

As you know by now, we’ll never confuse Cherry for Carrie Bradshaw, style-wise. Her usual tights-and-polka dots combo isn’t going to wow any wrestling fashionistas. So when that’s all she wears for photoshoots, you can pretty much guarantee we’re not going to dig it. Nevertheless, I’ll always love her unique image, claw bangs and all. Maybe it’s because I’m into vintage-y things, and Cherry is certainly straight out of a Johnny Rocket’s er something.

This “Save Room” photoshoot is more of the same, so there’s not much to say. Though, can I say that it’s really, REALLY weird to make dessert references with a Diva? (“Save Room” for dessert?) I don’t know.. It just seems overtly skeezy.


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