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CHIKARA King of Trios Night One Results: Manami Toyota Returns to US and More

CHIKARA held their first night of the annual three night tournament titled Kings of Trios last night, and it looks to be good news for the Joshi athletes that entered, as all seven advanced to the second round.

Check out the results below courtesy of user, MIKAS:

Team Sendai Girls (Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura and Sendai Sachiko) defeated The Colony (assailANT, Green Ant, and Fire Ant)

Team JWP (Tsubasa Kuragaki, Kaori Yoneyama and Commando Bolshoi) defeated The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown, Dasher Hatfield, and Matt Classic)

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Manami Toyota defeated The Swarm (CombatANT & deviANT & Soldier Ant) when Toyota pinned DeviANT

The event will continue on again tonight (September 15th) and conclude tomorrow (September 16th) where the winning trio will be crowned.

Watch Manami receive Diva Dirt Legacy Award:

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