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Cinematic close to RAW leaves Shayna Baszler screaming; Nikki Cross picks up another win


This week’s RAW ended with Shayna Baszler screaming in the dark.

Nia Jax warned Baszler prior to entering Alexa’s Playground that she had never seen Alexa Bliss this way before. That wasn’t enough to stop Baszler as she was convinced that Bliss was nothing to worry about and that Lilly is just a “stupid doll.”

The main event of the show witnessed Baszler make her way to the ring where Bliss and Lilly were waiting for her. It was Baszler’s idea from last week to have a chat with Bliss before anything got out of hand to deal with the situation. For week’s Bliss/Lilly have been targeting Baszler/Jax/Reginald and The Queen of Spades blames these occurrences for the reason why she and Jax are no longer tag team champions.

It would be Bliss who started the physical altercation after Baszler continued to mock Lilly. Bliss let her know that all she had to do was to apologize to Lilly, but Baszler was dead set on the idea that Lilly was nothing more than a stupid doll. After the confrontation got physical, Baszler took it one step further (pun intended) and stepped on Lilly.

This unleashed the anger in Lilly and the pyro went off in the arena which sent Baszler scurrying to the backstage area. Something felt different as there was no one backstage and the former Women’s Tag Team Champion was all alone. She kept trying to tell herself that Lilly was just a doll and nothing was happening but panic started setting in as she tried to escape the building as random stage equipment started falling down around her.

Baszler found herself in a room where she had hoped she was safe. However, she came to a mirror which had Lilly in the reflection. When she turned around, Lilly wasn’t there. She tried to compose herself — but once again looking at the mirror the doll reappeared. Baszler then broke the mirror, everything went black, and Baszler was left screaming as RAW went off the air.

Elsewhere on RAW, Nikki Cross picked up her third win in a row by pinning the RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley in tag team action. Unlike her prior two wins where she had to just avoid being defeated in two-minutes in Beat the Clock challenges, this win came with an actual pinfall.

Earlier in the night, Charlotte Flair wanted her loss to Cross last week to be wiped from her record. WWE Authorities Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville wouldn’t budge on the matter. They did decide that Flair should team with Ripley against Cross and an opponent of her choosing. She chose Asuka.

The match was given plenty of time and highlighted the obvious descension between Flair and Ripley. That would ultimately be their demise as Flair couldn’t help herself by taking out her own partner with Natural Selection. Flair then sat by while watching Cross pin the RAW Women’s Champion.

After the match, Cross and Asuka celebrated their win by dancing on the commentary table. The celebration continued backstage in a WWE Network Exclusive. Both women were extremely fired up from their win.

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