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Clash of Champions Results: Charlotte retains the Raw Women’s Championship

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Tonight at Night of Champions, Charlotte overcame the number odds in a triple threat match against Sasha Banks and Bayley to retain her Raw Women’s title.

Challengers Bayley and Sasha went after the champion early on but allegiances would soon be broken as things turned to an every woman for herself setting.

Dana Brooke would interfere throughout the match to assist Charlotte: knocking Bayley off the ring apron and attacking the Hugster outside ring. Dana would even go on to save Charlotte from the Bank Statement from Sasha just after Charlotte managed to hit the Natural Selection onto Bayley.

Lots of action spilled on the outside of the ring but eventually all the three women would regroup inside the ring where each nearly picked up the win after a combination of different finishers among one another.

In the end, two big boots by Charlotte would earn her the win: one boot sending Bayley into Sasha and knocking the Boss off the apron while the second big boot would put Bayley away for the three count.

What did you think of the match?

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