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Cody Rhodes takes a jab at Bayley’s gimmick

In a recent press conference at Starrcast Cody Rhodes had a few choice words to say about WWE’s Bayley. In fact, the response was more towards WWE themselves and not the actual talent.

The moment occurred when Rhodes brought up Kylie Rae in regards to her match at this weekends Double or Nothing event. He comments on her being a “ball of emotion.” While attempting to put over the wonderfully talented Rae, Rhodes took a jab at WWE creative/Bayley. Rhodes said the following:

“And she [Kylie Rae]’s not like, you know, wacky inflatable tube men pretending to be nice.”

This comment created some ruckus with the audience which amounted to quite a few boos. Fans on social media seem to have a split reaction. Some people feel that this is just a playful jab at WWE creative. The intent behind that was due to the mere competition. On the other hand, some people feel that AEW needs to worry more about their own product and stop focusing so much on what WWE is doing. Many people were quick to defend Bayley.

It is quite obvious that Bayley’s gimmick has that bubble gum and happy-go-lucky style to it. She is known as a “hugger” after all. Whereas this gimmick may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she is still in the role of a babyface. The statement that she is “pretending to be nice” is where many feel the jab was more towards Bayley and not the company itself.

Rhodes offered a response via Twitter in regards to his statement. He clarified that the comment was in regards to the gimmick itself and was not meant to be disrespectful to Bayley.

What are your thoughts on the comments made by Cody Rhodes? Are you looking forward to AEW’s Double or Nothing? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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