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Cora Jade gets the pinfall to win NXT WarGames for her team

The women’s WarGames match kicked off this year’s event and Cora Jade gets the pinfall to give the win to her team of former champions Kay Lee Ray, Raquel Gonzalez, and Io Shirai.

Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai started things off for their respective teams. These two women battled it out last week in a massive ladder match which KLR won giving her team the advantage for the WarGames match. Kai entered with kendo sticks to counter KLR having her bat.

After five minutes, the advantage took shape as the youngest person to ever enter a WarGames match along with her skateboard, Cora Jade joined to help out Kay Lee Ray. The two quickly used their advantage well as they took the numbers game to Kai. Once the advantage was over with, Gigi Dolin joined the fray to even the numbers as Kai caught her breath.

The full order of entrants was as follows –

Starting off the match – Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai

  • Cora Jade
  • Gigi Dolin
  • Io Shirai
  • Jacy Jayne
  • Raquel Gonzalez
  • Mandy Rose

The main big spot that changed the dynamics of the match is when Cora Jade hit a high-risk maneuver off the top of the cage onto Jayne who was placed on a table in the second ring. The landing was rough and Jade had dislocated her shoulder causing immediate concern from teammates Shirai and KLR. Moments later when it appeared Jade was still suffering, Shirai relocated Jade’s shoulder but Jade was still working with one arm for the rest of the match.

Once Rose entered the ring to officially start the match she takes out Gonzalez with a chair before focusing on the injured Jade. Shirai attacks Rose which leads both teams to square off and brawl. Gonzalez takes out both the tag team champions of Dolin and Jayne. Jade takes advantage and stacks up Jayne to get the victory for her team.

Jade, at the age of 20, is the youngest person to enter a WarGames match and she wins it for her team in her first attempt.

NXT announced New Year’s Evil for Jan. 4.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news, rumors, and results from the women of NXT 2.0.

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