Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Cora Jade Says She’s “Leaving” NXT; Dana Brooke Embraces Her Dark Side

After losing to Dana Brook in a Kendo Stickk match on the July 25 episode of NXT, Cora Jade says she is “leaving” NXT. On this week’s episode Jade entered the women’s locker room, gathered her belongings, and told the rest of the girls “good luck” without her.

Jade has recently deactivated her Twitter account and on Instagram says she never had one and never will. She posted on her Instagram story the peace sign emoji.

Elsewhere on this week’s NXT, Dana Brooke had a backstage promo with Kelani Jordan. Brooke tells Jordan that Jade brought her to a dark place and she saw red. Jordan told her that’s what people needed to see while Brooke says she kind of liked it. Brooke tells Jordan that is something she needs to tap into herself and find that killer instinct.

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