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Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez secure their title shot; Tiffany Stratton picks up a win in NXT debut

Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez will still be Mandy Rose‘s opponents at New Year’s Evil on Jan. 4.

In the main event on the last NXT 2.0 of the year, Jade and Gonzalez could have had their championship opportunity for next week ripped from them. They headed into the night expecting a tag team match against Toxic Attraction, but the NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose changed all of that around.

Backstage, Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray confronted the number one contenders. They both want a shot at the title regardless of who walks out of New Year’s Evil and kicks off the year as champ. Rose appeared on a tv screen to throw a wrench in the plans of Jade and Gonzalez and help drive a wedge between them. She made the main event Jade & Gonzalez vs. Shirai and KLR instead. The winners would face Rose next week.

Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray

In the final moments of the match, Gonzalez tried to put the match away in her teams favor as she hits her one arm powerbomb on the former NXT UK Women’s Champion. The momentum of the impact had Gonzalez thrown back into her corner where Jade tagged in. The two then argued about this because Gonzalez felt that she was moments away from a pinfall victory.

Jade directed Gonzalez’s anger to Shirai who was on the top turnbuckle. A crossbody from Shirai was caught by Gonzalez who tossed her over the top rope. Jade went for the pin as aresult, but Gonzalez broke up the pin from her own partner. The two continued to argue over who should be the one to get the pin.

Jade is pushed by KLR into Gonzalez. KLR rolls through into a pin on Jade but Gonzalez pushes her over which makes Jade get the pin for the victory.

Despite them winning and securing their title opportunity, the two continue to argue. Rose appears on the screen to confirm that the selfish desires of both Jade and Gonzalez will be their downfall when it comes to the NXT Women’s Title. Rose intends to erase them from the championship picture.

The other women’s match of the night saw the NXT 2.0 debut of Tiffany Stratton. Stratton had already showed a bit of her in-ring skills on 205 Live with a victory over Amari Miller in November.

Tiffany Stratton defeated Fallon Henley

“The Buff Barbie Doll” picked up her second win as she showed off her athleticism and overpowered her opponent throughout the match. Stratton delivered a flatliner to take out Henley and get the pin to secure her victory.

An ultimatim appears to be on the table for Elektra Lopez. After weeks and weeks of the tension between her and Xyon Quinn, Quinn wants her to choose between him and Legado Del Fantasma.

This closes out NXT for the year. Check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your news and results from the women of NXT 2.0.

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