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Corey Graves says he’s “not feeling” the current role for Charlotte Flair

On WWE’s podcast After The Bell – host Corey Graves gives his thoughts on Charlotte Flair’s current placement on the roster. He starts by saying that, “Charlotte Flair has never felt less important than she does right now.” This statement relates to Flair’s current tag team feud against The Kabuki Warriors.

Graves comments that Flair gets a “new” partner every week. First it was Natalya, then Becky Lynch, and just last week she faced the tag champs alone in a handicap match.

Flair has become a face character in this transition and has picked up a few losses against both Asuka and Kairi Sane. Due to what has been transpiring Graves says that he “isn’t feeling” it and that it isn’t “clicking.”

He would continue by saying that Flair “carried” the main event at WrestleMania. He wraps up his displeasure of where Flair is currently placed by claiming he want’s his Queen back. He wants the villainous kick ass Flair back.

It can be argued that Flair is far better in a heel role. With that being said, the 10-time Women’s Champion doesn’t need to always be in a top title picture or in the main event. Also as a face or a heel it is also okay that Flair loses a match here and there. I promise.

Flair’s response to this on Twitter can be seen below:

What are your thoughts given by Corey Graves? How do you feel about Charlotte Flair’s current placement on the roster? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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