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Council for Unity’s Lisa Wright Apologizes to Be a Star Alliance and WWE

Beth Phoenix and Natalya at a Be a Star/WWE event in LA.

As reported yesterday, Council for Unity member Lisa Wright wrote a letter to the Be a Star Alliance questioning its affiliation with WWE.

Over the past few months, WWE has teamed with Be a Star for an anti-bullying campaign and has aired commercials for the campaign on its programming.

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Wright pointed out that ‘fat jokes’ about Vickie Guerrero were being made on television while the company was affiliated with Be a Star.

In an email to Diva Dirt, Wright says that the letter was never meant for public consumption and she was only expressing her opinion on the matter to Be a Star.

Today, however, Wright has issued an apology and retraction for the comments made, which was issued to Diva Dirt, WWE and the Be a Star Alliance.

She writes:

Yesterday, a letter that I had written, that was never intended to be made public, was. In the letter about my perceptions regarding the alliance between the Be a Star Alliance and the WWE with regard to bullying prevention, it was never my intention to disparage the Be a STAR Alliance, the WWE, the wrestlers or their many fans.

After careful consideration and research on my part, plus some intelligent feedback from some of the loyal fans of WWE, I realize that perhaps I reacted too harshly and without enough information. I have been reminded that the important issue is the prevention of bullying and the protection and support of those that have been victimized by it. Ultimately, my own actions, intended or no, have had a negative impact.

In the spirit of tolerance and understanding, which I have been reminded I must practice as well as preach, I hereby offer an apology to the Be a STAR foundation and the WWE. I also wish to rescind my request that my organization be removed from the Be a STAR Alliance website. There are often many ways to reach a goal; the important thing is that we support each other on our journey.

Again, I sincerely apologize.

Lisa Wright

Thoughts: One has to wonder if there was some pressure from WWE and Be a Star in issuing this apology. I felt the questions Ms Wright raised were perfectly valid. Jokes about Vickie’s weight were made on commentary just this past week on Raw, while a Be a Star commercial was aired during the same broadcast. Also, the ‘hat stomping’ rib on JR was pretty much a form of on-air bullying — and that segment aired right before the Be a Star commercial!

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