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Damage CTRL Delivers Chaos On Raw Heading Into Extreme Rules

Just five days ahead of Extreme Rules this Saturday, Damage CTRL proves why they are in control of the women’s division on Raw. Two women’s matches took place and a contract signing helped build up toward the ladder match that we will witness at Extreme Rules between Bayley and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. This will be the first one-on-one women’s ladder match in WWE history on the main roster.

First, there was the advertised match between the returning Candice LeRae taking on one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai. LeRae attempted to continue her momentum after her Raw debut win against Nikki A.S.H last week but unfortunately, she would be outnumbered this week which cost her the match. After a distraction from IYO SKY on the ring apron allowed Bayley to get involved, Kai capitalized with a back roll up to get the pin.

Following this match later in the night came the contract signing between Belair and Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match this Saturday. Bayley had a long-winded promo comparing the idea of the ladder match to her career saying she has had to climb every step of the way to get to where she is now. She stated that Belair is where she was earlier in her career – having the little girls in the crowd cheering for her and even having a ponytail as well.

Bayley would be alone at the contract signing without her Damage CTRL companions by the request of Belair. But what Belair didn’t realize was that Kai and SKY were backstage taking out Asuka and Alexa Bliss. While the attack was shown backstage, this distracted Belair for Bayley to launch her onto the contract signing table. The two would fight at ringside as Belair was trying to get to Bliss and Asuka. The champ slammed Bayley into the side of the ring before running to the back.

As Belair made it to the back, Asuka was crying in pain from the steel chair attack on her leg by Kai and SKY. Bliss, angry about the attack, said that this wasn’t over and demanded to face SKY one-on-one later in the show. This would turn into the main event. Because of the vicious attack, Asuka did not accompany Bliss and Belair to the ring making them one down in numbers.

In the main event, Damage CTRL doing everything they can to win proved worthy. After missing with an Over the Moonsault from SKY, Bliss capitalized with a Twisted Bliss. However, when she went for the pin, the referee (much as earlier in the night in the Kai vs. LeRae match) was distracted by Bayley. Belair then went after Bayley but between Bayley and Kai they drove the champion into the ring steps.

Bliss would take out both Kai and Bayley from the ring apron but by the time she went back up top to do a second Twister Bliss, SKY would get up and deliver an air raid crash before landing a moonsault for the victory.

Momentum heading into Extreme Rules was on the side of Damage CTRL with wins throughout the show, but that didn’t stop them there. They would continue to dominate and bring out the heavy artillery in the form of a ladder taking out both Bliss and Belair.

Asuka came limping out to ringside coming down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand to try and help. Damage CTRL would take out Asuka before placing Bliss in between the ladder and taking her out one last time. Belair would take a kick from Kai in the corner before Bayley landed a Rose Plant on both the champion and Bliss. Bayley would climb the ladder with the Raw Women’s Championship belt in her hand. Standing on the ladder all three members of Damage CTRL raised all the gold to end Raw.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of Raw and for the Extreme Rules Discussion Post this Saturday.

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