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Dana Brooke Hints Character Change After Recent Match Loss

Dana Brooke may be heading towards a different character.

Brooke started showing signs of frustration following her recent loss to NXT’s Zoey Stark on WWE Main Event. Stark is the most recent member of NXT to have a showing on the program. In the past several weeks there have been several NXT Superstars that have had matches on Main Event against Dana Brooke, Tamina, and Asuka.

Along with Stark, other NXT names have scored recent victories over both Brooke and Tamina such as Kiana James, Alaba Fyre, and Wendy Choo.

This victory for Stark sparked something different in Brooke. Post-match during Stark’s celebrating, Brooke was seen sitting on the ring steps verbally yelling at herself to “get it together Dana.” Brooke, who hasn’t been seen on Raw too much lately, did appear a few weeks ago and lost the now-retired 24/7 Championship to Nikki Cross. She held the gold for a combined 335 days among 15-reigns. This made her the second-longest title holder behind just R-Truth.

Now that the 24/7 Championship is no longer, Brooke feels as though she put all of her hard work into something that is now gone. Could this new reaction from Brooke after her loss on Main Event be leading to something new from her?

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