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Dana Brooke shares that her dream feud would be with Charlotte Flair

Dana Brooke has recently received more air time than she has ever had before. Over the course of the past year, whether it be on SmackDown or now back on RAW, Brooke has emerged as a certified competitor. Now aligning herself with Mandy Rose, the two eye up the Women’s Tag Team Championships and it might just take the right time for them to capture their first gold within WWE.

In an interview with Forbes, Brooke confirmed that although she is chasing the tag titles, her dream opponent would be Charlotte Flair. When she first came to the main roster in 2016, she was paired with her tag team partner from NXT, Emma. Emma was sidelined due to an injury upon the call up which left Brooke without a partner and without clear direction. As a result, Brooke then became the protege of Flair.

Credit: WWE

Brooke would help Flair out to retain her RAW Women’s Championship on numerous occasions. In 2017 after a loss by Brooke to Sasha Banks, Flair would start to turn on her protégé and berate her. This led to Brooke standing up for herself and becoming a babyface in the process. The two entered in a one-off match in which Flair beat Brooke in a match and then the two winded up on separate brands during the Superstar Shake-up of that year.

Although it has been a few years, Brooke feels like there has been some unfinished business between the two. The ever-optimistic Brook had the following to say while speaking to Forbes.

“I always say there’s a payoff going to happen,” said Brooke.

“With the years that have gone by, it’s only made me a stronger competitor on my own two feet. Being able to face Charlotte once again, she’ll see a whole different person in front of her. Because I know her strategy, I know her tactics, I know everything she has done. I was alongside with her, and with that being said, I was with her in NXT when we were training in the gym, outside of the gym, being on the road with her; so I know her like the back of my hand.”

“It’s a real-life situation, you have those people in the real world you can count on who you feel are such great, great friends of yours, but then one way or another they’ll kind of use you or manipulate you to get what they want out of certain situations, so I feel like a lot of people can relate to that.”

For the full interview with Brooke that also includes her friendship with Batista and her thoughts on the now-defunct RAW Underground, you can click the link for Forbes here. Full credit for the interview and transcriptions goes to Forbes.

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