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Dani Jordyn is The Real Mean Girl With a Bright Future

Back in June, Sarah Hirsch along with her business partner Tina Miller got the opportunity to interview The Real Mean Girl Dani Jordyn for their podcast, Peaches and Powerbombs

From the podcast, Sarah & Tina learned how Jordyn got her start in wrestling and got to know her thought process about her involvement with it.  Wrestling all over Georgia and other places in addition to AEW, it was interesting to see how Jordyn is taking it all in and applying what she learned in AEW to her career.

Perhaps fans have seen Jordyn before, most notably on AEW programming (Dynamite, Dark, Dark Elevation).  Jordyn’s character is “The Real Mean Girl”, a play on the movie “Mean Girls”.  Jordyn is notorious for her prop the “Burn Book”,  which is an attempt to taunt her opponents before a match.  Jordyn relies on the mental aspect to gain an advantage.

The Burn Book isn’t the only thing that Jordyn has under her sleeve.  Jordyn also has a good skill set in attempts to get the better of her opponent.  One notable move she does is the DDT she performs from the middle rope.  It is one of her signature moves that is yet to be named. 

Perhaps AEW fans are scratching their heads as to why I say that, well here is a fun factor:  Jordyn has been Georgia’s Women’s Wrestler of the Year three years in a row. 

With an accolade such as that, it’s no wonder Jordyn finds herself working with the amazing talent in AEW.  Facing the likes of former AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida, Jade Cargill, and Red Velvet are all great opponents Jordyn can put on her resume.

Of course, with an influx of young and older talent backstage, she is also able to get some incredible advice from the likes of Dustin Rhodes and Chris Jericho to name a few.  Those opportunities are paying off as Jordyn continues to leave an impression in the growing popularity that is women’s wrestling. 

Dani Jordyn
Credit: @DaniJordyn

Having an opportunity in the AEW Women’s Division as an enhancement talent is something Jordyn understands as she works on her own ring skills.  As told to Peaches and Powerbombs, Jordyn’s goal in the ring is to hopefully be able to grab fans’ attention to draw them in.  With bright pink gear, a prop that gives The List a run for its money, and good wrestling Jordyn has a great starter pack. 

Outside of AEW, Jordyn recently won the Intense Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Championship and reminds fans every single day on her social media pages.  She continues to wreak havoc in Georgia’s Southern Honor Wrestling, and will make an appearance for WrestleMerica this coming weekend.  It’s full speed ahead for this Real Mean Girl, and soon enough she will reach even greater heights.

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