Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Dark Match featuring New TNA Knockout Panned

A dark match that took place last Tuesday prior to the Impact taping, featuring new Knockout Becky Bayless and Christina Von Eerie has been dubbed ‘the worst dark match in history’, according to

Jason Powell reports that the match which saw Bayless team with Okada against Von Eerie and Shannon Moore was panned by people backstage. He writes:

Most of the blame for the match is directed at Bayless, who missed blind tag attempts three times. It was so comically bad that Moore stopped, pointed at her, and yelled, “I’m begging you to tag him” during the middle of a spot. This led to serious laughter backstage.

Becky was signed to a TNA contract a couple of weeks ago and paired with Rob Eckos as his manager in a Jersey Shore-esque gimmick. Promos began airing last week for ‘Shore’, which I’m assuming is Eckos’ new name in TNA with Becky as ‘Cookie’.

Despite the poor review, I’m going to give Becky the benefit of the doubt. It seems she was signed to be a manager and part of a gimmick rather than to wrestle on a regular basis. She portrayed Brooke Lynn to perfection in Wrestlicious, and seems tailor-made for the role of Cookie.

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