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DD Power 15: Feb. 12 to Feb. 18

Ranking #15 – Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Last Week – N/A

After losing the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Ronda Rousey disappeared from our screens but returned last week to aid Shayna Baszler in taking out Natalya and Shotzi.

This week, the duo united in a victorious effort against their rivals in a strongly contested tag team match. We saw why the pair should have been tagging together sooner as it played to one another’s strengths. At one point Rousey was trapped in the Sharpshooter and then set up for the Hart Attack but Baszler made the save and Rousey turned things around.

There are rumblings that this duo may be coming for the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania and with victories like this, it’s easy to see why.

Ranking #14 – Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura

Last Week – Roxanne at 14, Meiko – N/A

We’ve made a bit of a rule that we will try and keep tag teams together on this list and while this pair did compete together, we recognise they are not a tag team.

That being said, we found it too difficult to put one over the other as we prepare for the championship showdown. Meiko Satomura made her long anticipated return to NXT to team with Perez and defeat Kayden Carter & Katana Chance.

Satomura named her price for this favour by asking for a title shot which Perez has accepted. The last time these two met in the ring, Satomura was victorious and this fact is definitely in the forefront of our champions mind.

Ranking #13 – Masha Slamovich

Last week – N/A

Bursting in to the Power 15 this week is Masha Slamovich who spent this week reminding us and Knockouts Champion Mickie James why she should not be overlooked.

In an impressive victory over Alisha Edwards, Masha would then try to continue the assault until James would make the save. Slamovich would have the last laugh however and leave destruction in her wake as she looks towards No Surrender.

Ranking #12 – Jacy Jayne

Last week – 4

New theme song in tow, Jacy Jayne appeared on NXT this week to relish in her recent actions against Gigi Dolin.

Her ire was not just reserved for her former teammate though as she turned on the NXT universe for always considering her the third wheel in the Toxic Attraction stable.

With great glee, she reminded the crowd who was the last woman standing as her new start as a singles competitor kicks off next week when she faces Indi Hartwell.

Ranking #11 – Bayley

Last Week – Along with Damage CTRL as a unit at 8

Unfortunately due to Dakota Kai‘s injury leading to some inactivity, it was hard to keep Damage CTRL on the rankings as a single unit but Bayley’s place remains solidified.

Being one of the most consistently used women on RAW in recent months, Bayley shows up week after week, this time appearing in the opening promo and the main event.

Bayley may have been unsuccessful in joining the Elimination Chamber, I do not believe her path to WrestleMania has been fully blocked. The coming weeks will be very telling for Bayley.

Ranking #10 – Becky Lynch

Last Week – 1

Becky Lynch felt good going in to RAW, having finally silenced Bayley in a main event cage match and so her goal shifted to getting to Wrestlemania.

In an opening promo, Becky Lynch set in the motion the eventual main event of RAW to potentially get herself added to the Elimination Chamber.

Like Bayley, Lynch proved unsuccessful but there are several weeks between now and Wrestlemania and if history is anything to go by, The Man rarely takes no for an answer.

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