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DD Power 15: Mar. 19 to Mar. 25

Welcome to this week’s Power 15 Rankings curated by us here at Diva-Dirt. This week we are reviewing women’s action across several companies.

As well as the 15 women featured, two wildcards will be featured each week chosen by Nick and Gary. These wildcards are for women who didn’t quite make the ranking but are ones to watch for the week ahead. Without further ado, let’s get in to it.

Please Note: This list is subjective to us at Diva Dirt. We encourage our readers for respectful and enjoyable conversations.

Gary’s Wildcard – Ava

Something that fans have been waiting for since Thea Hail took her out at ringside, Ava’s in-ring debut is inching ever closer.

This week Ava appeared alongside The Schism in the debate with Chase U when the match that will decide the fate of Chase U once and for all.

There is a lot of pressure going in to your first ever match let alone on a big event during Wrestlemania weekend and a family lineage that you will undoubtedly be compared to. I am in full support in Ava (and Hail) working together to deliver.

Nick’s Wildcard – Jody Threat

Impact continues to grow its roster of women with the announcement at Sacrifice that Canadian wrestler will be joining the Knockouts Division.

Threat is a rising star in the independent wrestling scene and a very welcome addition to the Impact locker room. Getting her own vignette airing during Sacrifice shows they are willing to get behind her prior to her debut.

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