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Dead Ringers: Melina and Rosario Dawson

Have you ever thought that a certain Diva resembled another celebrity out there? Ever done double-take while watching a movie or TV show and thought “Hang on, isn’t that so-and-so?” Well we certainly have! Diva Dirt’s Dead Ringers aims to seek out our Divas celeb dopplegangers and highlight them here, for you to vote whether there’s a passing resemblance or not! Also feel free to suggest your own dead ringers by e-mailing us at [email protected].


The Diva: Former Women’s Champion and A-list Diva, Melina.
The Celeb: 30-year-old star of 25th Hour, Alexander, and Sin City, Rosario Dawson. She’s known for being a fan-friendly and down-to-earth actress who can play any number of female roles – seductress, geek, badass, FBI agent, makeup artist – you name it, she can pull it off.

Melina and Rosario are very close in age – in fact, Melina is exactly 2 months older than her (Melina was born on March 9th, 1979; Rosario on May 9th, 1979). They share strikingly similar exotic facial features: eyes, lips, nose, and a strong jaw. They have dark hair and killer curves, too, and it doesn’t hurt that they both have the attitude to make themselves stand out. Rosario never blends into the scenery in her movies, and you can’t miss Melina when she’s out in the ring. Two of a kind? I think so..

Can you see it? Is Rosario Dawson a dead ringer for Melina? Vote below:

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PS: Feel free to recommend your own dead ringers by e-mail or comment.

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