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Vince Believes Vickie Betrayed WWE?


You’d think Vince McMahon’s geriatrics would fail to shock us after all this time, but nope — the egotistical WWE Chairman has found even more salacious ways to make us shriek in horror. This time, Vince McMahon believes that Vickie Guerrero betrayed WWE by leaving the company to spend more time with her children.

The former Raw General Manager left the company in early June, but handed in her notice weeks prior, hence the change the direction for Guerrero as the writers began scripting the pig jokes to appease Vince. Power Slam magazine has the scoop:

MID-MAY 2009: Vickie Guerrero, the least likely wrestling success of the last five years, asks for her contract release. Vickie’s reasoning is perfectly rational: as a single parent, she feels it is important to spend more time with her fatherless teenage daughters during their crucial adolescent years. Vince’s reaction to her decision is perfectly irrational: he takes grievous offence and begins to rant and rave that Vickie has betrayed WWE. Yes, Vince believes the widow of Eddie Guerrero is ungrateful to the pro wrestling industry because she is putting her family first. From this point on, Vince’s shameless lackeys curry his favour by pitching gratuitous pig and fatso jokes about Vickie at creative meetings — which earn booming guffaws from Vince.

This news comes off the heels of word that several WWE Superstars [including Rey Mysterio and Edge] were pissed off at the way WWE treated Vickie near the end of her run. I am just so glad that Vickie had the sense to leave when she did rather than stick around and continue to be humiliated. Vince and company seem to have a sick, perverse pleasure in treating women like dirt and I’m not even talking about the endless T&A — Trish barking like a dog, making out with Divas in front of his wife, trying to do a storyline where he was the father of his daughter’s child. Excuse me, I just gagged a little bit…

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