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Debut of Pro-Wrestling: EVE – Taping Results

Tonight sees the launch of Europe’s Pro-Wrestling: EVE at the Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK. Tonight, EVE will be taping two DVDs worth of content. Check back throughout the day for results from the tapings courtesy of Women of Wrestling Podcast co-host, Stew Allen.

* Doors open. Venue’s really nice. Not a lot of people so far, but they’re trickling in. Everybody’s here, minus Stacey Baybie, who was replaced yesterday due to travel issues. Her replacement is Lance Storm trainee “The Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Riley.

Episode 1:
1. CATCH Division Match: April Davids def. Jenny Sjodin in round four with an ankle lock. Rounds were two minutes each.

2. Alpha Female def. Becky James fairly quickly with a powerslam.

3. Sweet Saraya def. Erin Angel, Carmel Jacob & Melanie Price in a four-way elimination match.

Order of elimination:
* Saraya pinned Angel after a leg drop.
* Saraya made Jacob tap to a bow & arrow submission.
* Saraya pinned Price after a powerbomb.

4. Sara-Marie Taylor def Rhia O’Reilly with a DDT.

WWE developmental Diva Jemma Palmer is out now, saying that she is not medically cleared to wrestle due to a wrist injury. Jetta has interrupted her…

5. Jetta def. Jemma Palmer after the referee stopped the match as Jetta applied an armbar on Palmer. This was Jemma’s first professional wrestling match.

6. Blue Nikita pinned Britani Knight with an Air Raid Crash, having previously dropkicked Sweet Saraya into the ringside table. Very good match. Best of the night.

Post match, Saraya & Blue Nikita had a face-off, leading to a pullapart brawl.

Five minute interval next and then they’ll do the second taping, almost certainly main evented by Saraya/Nikita. Episode 2 1. Alpha Female pinned Janey B (PA to Melanie Price) via powerslam in a quick squash. Price had earlier refused to wrestle and put her PA in as a substitute. Post match, Price berated the demure Janey. 2. Jetta beat Britani Knight via Backcracker in a very silly match. The perfect way for Jetta to go out. They hugged post match and Jetta got a "Jetta" chant. 3. Becky James & Rhia O'Riley (Team Storm) def. April Davids & Jenny Sjodin (Team Northern Shootfighters) and Sara-Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob (Team Glamour Gym) when James rolled up Taylor in a three way tag match. 4. Main event: Blue Nikita def. Sweet Saraya via Air Raid Crash onto a cookie sheet after a wild brawl with kendo sucks, bins & signage. Amazing violence. Next show announced for Oct 16th in the same venue.

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