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Deonna Purrazzo vs. Awesome Kong at WWR

Free Match Friday is a weekly feature from Diva Dirt. Every Friday, we’ll spotlight a great indie match available to watch for free online. Some of the best wrestling in the world is happening in high school gyms and sports bars and even, occasionally, in an appropriate venue for a wrestling match. This week, our free match is the main event of WWR The Show Must Go On featuring Deonna Purrazzo and Awesome Kong.

Recently, Deonna expressed her frustrations with hecklers who chant “Marty Scurll” at her during matches an NXT live events. She has amassed quite the list of accomplishments in just five years. So, it’s easy to understand why she would want to be recognized for her hard work; not who she’s dating.

At The Show Must Go On, the Virtuosa took part in a classic David vs. Goliath style matchup with the legend, Awesome Kong. There is always something so compelling about seeing a smaller athlete try to overcome a bigger physically imposing opponent. This match was no exception.

Initially, Kong rushed Purrazzo, forcing her to use her quickness to evade. Eventually, Deonna tried to go for a crossbody but Kong quickly overpowered her and tried to wear her down with holds. In response, the Virtuosa started targeting her bigger opponent’s limbs.

What made this match more interesting is Kong didn’t rely on the usual style of wrestling for someone her size. She used her strength as an advantage. But she also used her experience to pull off some crafty reversals to combat Deonna’s technical prowess.

In the end, true to her namesake “the Fujiwara armbar specialist” countered a two-handed chokeslam and transitioned into the armbar to win via submission. It was a gutsy underdog win for Deonna Purrazzo.

Afterward, she gave a passionate speech. Coincidentally, she addressed a girl in the back, who claimed she got where she was because of her boyfriend. “I hope you’re watching because even if my boyfriend helped me along the way he didn’t just win that match,” she exclaimed. “I did.”

Check back in with Diva Dirt next week for another great free match from the world of independent women’s wrestling. You can find even more matches AND support independent women’s wrestling over at ClickWrestle.

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