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Detailed Report from SmackDown Taping: The Diva Dream Match We’ve Been Waiting For

Diva Dirt reader, Gia, who was at last night’s SmackDown taping in Buffalo, New York, sent this detailed report from the show which featured a Diva dream match between Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

To read the report, which contains spoilers, click below:

Gia reporting…

I was at First Niagara last night and thought I’d give a few details.

First any person who claims to be a Diva fan NEEDS to see the Beth/Nattie match.

Before I get into that, Eve/Layla [taped for Superstars] was good, but unfortunately the crowd wasn’t really into it; some even started doing the”wave” during the match.

I don’t know what to say about the Beth/Natalya match, other than it was probably the best Divas match (equal parts technical wrestling and crowd involvement) that I’ve seen since Trish/Lita at Unforgiven. Natalya had a very loud reaction coming out. Beth’s reaction, if possible, was even louder than at last year’s Night of Champions. Hopefully WWE won’t get heavy handed with the noise-editing. Nattie was clearly the heel in this match and that’s established early on by her actions. I’m trying not to go into too much detail because I’m not wanting to take away from the match, but there were a few near-falls, attempts at both women’s finishers and a awesome move involving the top rope.

Now for the important part, lol. The match itself went over 5 minutes… in fact, with the exception of the main event, it was the longest match taped for SmackDown. That’s not even counting a segment with Eve that happened post match, nor a segment with Beth backstage.


The match airs this Friday on SmackDown.

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