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Detailed SmackDown Spoilers: October 7th, 2011 (Plus Picture)

Detailed spoilers from this week’s SmackDown taping from Diva Dirt’s Cryssi. The show airs on Friday at 8pm on Syfy.

Read below:

Beth and Nattie come to the ring and pose with the Diva’s Championship. I’m not kidding when I say their posing lasted longer than the match. They get in the ring and then Alicia Fox comes out.

The match begins and honestly after like one move from Alicia, Beth somehow gets her in the Glam Slam position. Just like that, Beth picks up a squash. DoD celebrate and Beth grabs the mic. Nattie gets in the ring and locks Alicia in the Pin-Up Strong submission. Beth makes Alicia scream, then cry, and Nattie releases her.

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