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Detailed SummerSlam Battle Royal Report


Courtesy of PWTorch, here is a full report from last night’s battle royal that no one got to see and if you do want to see, will have to pay 30-odd bucks for… not to mention wait another 3-4 months for the DVD by which time I can almost guarantee that at least one of the girls involved will be released *And breathe*

The 15 Divas all came out with Justin Roberts announcing all their names, showing at least WWE learned from the Miss WrestleMania fiasco. Just standard action with the divas going through the middle rope rapidly. There were only really two memorable moments from this match. The first was Melina and Mickie James squaring off and both ended up going to the top rope exchanging blows until both fell and got eliminated. The second notable moment came when it was down to the final four – Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Eve. While Kelly Kelly and Eve were down, Beth Phoenix and Natalya had a staredown, similar to what usually happens in battle royals between two dominant superstars. When they were alternating punches, the boos came to Beth Phoenix’s while loud cheers came to Natalya. Eventually, Beth Phoenix eliminated Natalya, which drew boos from the crowd. Beth also did the spot where she carries both Kelly Kelly and Eve, which drew a pop from the crowd.

As Kelly Kelly and Eve teamed up together to try to eliminate Beth, Chavo Guerrero came in and helped Beth win by throwing over both Kelly Kelly and Eve. The crowd booed, but got their happy ending as all the divas, or at least just the face ones as I couldn’t really tell, came in and beat up Chavo until Hornswoggle came from under the ring. The Divas held Chavo down until Hornswoggle did the tadpole splash on him, and afterwards the divas celebrated with Hornswoggle by dancing with him. The match itself lasted around 5-10 minutes.

Thanks to nicorette for the tip-off

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