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Details on Torrie’s Shoot Interview

Yesterday, we told you about Torrie Wilson‘s shoot interview with RF Video well we now have some more details on the filming process. RF Video’s website has updated it’s blog with the following:

It is Sunday and we are still in NJ at the wrestlers Rescue event which was alot of fun and a huge success. After last night I do not think I will ever be the same again.

RF VIDEO sat down with Torri Wilson for a one on one exclusive shoot interview and let me say this, she is hotter in person than on TV. This was the first time I ever had the chance to meet Torri and she is the perfect 10. I have meet alot of the Divas but Torri is something special. She is real, and she knows how to keep it real. What you see is what you get, and there was nothing fake about her. I can put her over until I am blue in the face, but then I might be considered a stalker.

I talked to Torri over the last few months about getting to do a shoot and to be honest this interview was not supposed to happen until 2009. That is how far in advance we plan our shoots out. She told me last week that she was coming to work for Dawn Marie this weekend and that we should just shoot it than. It was the perfect plan and it worked out perfect. We even had her two dogs in the shoot.

I will have a huge update on the shoot later this week as I know everyone is dying to see what we asked her. I will say she did not hold back on any topic and nothing was taboo. She was very open and honest and even got very emotional when we talked about the Chris Benoit situation.

I’m uber excited! We’ll definitely keep you posted as we hear more. One thing though, if they can’t get Torrie’s name right in this, what does that say for the cover of the DVD?

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