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Ding Dong, Hello! Bayley needs a WrestleMania match

WrestleMania is fast approaching, and while several big matches featuring the company’s top stars are already set for the extravaganza, there is one glaring omission, Bayley.

Not only does Bayley not have a match heading into WrestleMania, but she also doesn’t have a feud or storyline. Bayley is the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is the first-ever women’s WWE Grand Slam Champion and, along with Sasha Banks, was the MVP of WWE during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Credit: WWE

Her promos, mic and character work were exceptional. She went from a newly turned and struggling heel to one of the best in the entire wrestling business. Bayley thrived and excelled under the unprecedented and jarring circumstances the world experienced in the throes of Coronavirus.

The Golden Role Models ran the women’s division last year.

Bayley and Sasha Banks
Credit: WWE

Her partnership with Banks as the Golden Role Models and their feud with Asuka was the highlight of WWE programming throughout the spring and summer of last year. The resulting breakup and feud with Banks was among the best and most enthralling storylines told by WWE in years. The feud was so good that many WWE fans thought Bayley and Banks would headline WrestleMania but the rivalry culminated with the epic Hell in a Cell match, which saw Bayley’s historic title reign come to an end.

Since losing the title, Bayley continued her brilliance. She was great as the overbearing leader of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. She had a brief yet entertaining feud with Bianca Belair, which birthed the most-excellent talk show segment, Ding Dong, Hello. In these segments, Bayley has her persona and character to new levels of excellence.

Credit: WWE

Bayley not only carried the women’s division on her back but the whole promotion. Therefore she deserves a marquee match at WWE’s biggest show of the year. The only question is, who could she face? WWE has booked the women’s division very poorly on both brands over the last couple of months and therefore left Bayley without any potential WrestleMania opponent.

Yet despite the lacklustre booking, there are several people Bayley could face at the “Show of Shows”.

A rift and resulting match with Sonya Deville could be and their promo battles would be top-notch.

Billie Kay and Bayley would be comedy gold. The rivalry and match would elevate Kay while allowing Bayley

There could be a reuniting of Bay-Mella and the duo could challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Recently Bayley took to Twitter to call out WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Pheonix to come out of retirement and face her. The Glamazon would be the perfect opponent for the Role Model at WrestleMania.

Another worthy WrestleMania match for Bayley would be Charlotte Flair. Neither wrestler has a match nor feud heading into the show. Plus rumours are circulating about Charlotte is appearing on SmackDown to get her WrestleMania back on track. The two Four Horsewomen of WWE would make great opponents at the “Showcase of the Immortals.”

Whatever WWE do with Bayley at WrestleMania it needs to be fitting of everything she did last year. But WWE needs to act fast as the event is only a few weeks away and Bayley must be featured. Hopefully, WWE works some magic and give Bayley the WrestleMania match she deserves.

What do you make of Bayley’s situation, and who would you like to see her face at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comments below.

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