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Disco Inferno responds to women’s wrestling backlash

IMPACT Wrestling’s Glenn Gilbertti, also known as Disco Inferno, has found himself in quite the controversy. Last month, Wrestling Inc. reported on his remarks that were made during a media call for IMPACT. His remarks came off quite sexist as he blatantly says that the women are just not as good as the men.

Setting society back about 30 years, he follows that comparison up by focusing on a woman’s appearance as a factor for him liking women’s matches. He stated that if the woman can “combine good looks with good work” then he is a fan of that.

From this, he currently feels that people are focusing on the negative comments he has said and not the overall full extent of his opinions. He spoke on Wrestling Inc.’s podcast WINCLY and gave the following response to his previous words:

“People – they highlight the inflammatory things I say. The thing with me and the women performers, I call it like I see it. The stuff that’s good, I’m not saying, ‘Oh you think that’s good? That’s really not good because of this.’ No, I’m entertained by it too. The thing is, what you don’t see these days is when they’re not good, nobody says a word.”

He continues to say that he is a fan of the women in WWE who can cut a good promo. He divulges in his opinion against intergender wrestling, stating that each gender should stick with the same while competing. Ironically, he is set to face Scarlett Bordeaux in her debut match at Against All Odds on Mar. 29.

You can see the entire interview from Wrestling Inc.’s podcast by checking out WINCLY.

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