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Diva B-Sides: Eve Torres


We can all agree that, with a few exceptions, Divas get the short end of the stick when comes to entrance themes. While the male superstars get music from actual bands and artists or custom made songs with lyrics, Divas get stuck with crappy production music. If I had the chance I would change all the Divas music to something a little… well, better. Hence, Diva B-Sides was born; a Diva Dirt exclusive where we match WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts with new entrance themes. This week, I tag with Melanie once again to find some B-Sides for SmackDown’s dark horse, Eve Torres:



I’ve never been a fan of Eve’s entrance theme. It seems like the production team just did a eeny-meeny-miney-mo when they picked a theme for her. As she continues to rise through the ranks of WWE, I think she needs a new theme that better suits her character.

As a former dancer, I think the best choice for Eve would be an up-tempo, hip-hop track. I had not originally chosen ‘Work’ for Eve’s B-Side, but the more I listened to it, the more it seemed to fit her. I truly think that coming down to the ring to a track like this would really help to bring some sass and personality out of this rookie Diva.

NOTE: I edited this track (badly) to the exact version that I would use for Eve’s theme. Enjoy!


                                                         MELANIE’S PICK: ‘DANCE BAILALO” BY KAT DELUNA

It might seem a bit stereotypical to pick a latin track for one of WWE’s resident Latina, but I have to agree with Melanie’s choice. Like ‘Work’, ‘Dance Bailalo’ has a upbeat rhythm that would definately fit Eve. Maybe she could get in touch with her roots and incorporate some ‘Latina Heat’ into her entrance.

I also think that this song could work for Rosa Mendes, because Lord knows she’s in need of a new theme. 


So what do you guys think? Do these tracks make you wanna dance or die?  Let us know in the comments and vote for what B-Side you think is the best.

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