Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Diva Couture Hits & Misses: ‘Total Divas’, Episode Two

MISS: Eva Marie

This week’s biggest miss clearly goes to Eva Marie. Not only in fashion, because this girl was way off in just about everything this week. First off, she said yes to a marriage proposal over donuts?! This is not a good sign of what’s in store for your marriage, sweetheart.

Eva had a “business” meeting with Fandango to discuss the possibility of her becoming his dance partner. She decided to wear less accessories for this meeting, primarily her new engagement ring. I’ve got to agree with the outspoken JoJo on this one. You don’t take off an engagement ring.

Eva wore a skintight and short silver dress. I’ve never had a business meeting with someone wearing something like that, but I guess Eva has a hard pitch to sell. Fandango was all about the dress and we’ve all seen his taste in fashion, so clearly this outfit was a huge miss.

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