Monday, August 8, 2022

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Diva Dirt Amps Up the Audio from March 1st: Two New Shows, ‘Soup’ and Allison Danger Return

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are amping up our audio show coverage beginning March 1st.

Diva Dirt will be introducing two new shows, as well as the returns of The Untitled Allison Danger Show and Diva Soup.

And to celebrate we are holding a special audio launch week throughout next week, giving you a taster of new episodes of all of our audio shows. That’s six in total!

Launch week will be headlined by the debut of a brand new show which will see Allison Danger interview fellow female wrestlers. You can expect wild stories, wacky questions and a whole load of entertainment!

Get all the details…

Launch week highlights

Allison Danger has teamed up with Diva Dirt to host a brand new show! Allison Danger Versus… will see the Pro Wrestling SUN president face off against a different female wrestler in each episode. If you thought our interviews were good — wait till you hear Danger’s! Not afraid to ask the tough or crazy questions, who will dare step into Danger’s hotseat?

Plus, Danger, Amber Gertner and Steven will return with a new episode of The Untitled Allison Danger Show!

Catch the first two episodes of both shows next week before they fall into their regular schedules: ‘Untitled’ will air bi-weekly while ‘Versus’ episodes may be less regular.

Our second new show, Diva Dirt Extra, will go online every Friday morning and aims to cover all of the news from the week gone by in one bite-size audio! In case you miss anything during the week, this is the perfect way to catch up!

And finally, you’ve asked for it and finally it’s back! Diva Soup returns for a brand new ‘season’ with Eric and Cryssi along with a panel of recurring guest hosts!

As always, The Post-Raw Show will air Mondays and Diva Dirt LIVE on Wednesdays.

Join us all next week here at Diva Dirt!

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