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Diva Dirt Auditions: Adrian

EDIT: Turns out that Adrian (God judges you!!!) plagarised this post from another site, so we have decided to discontinue voting and commenting on this post. Needless to say Adrian is disqualified from our competition. However, you guys had unanimously voted “nay” on this post and commented to that affect also, so not a big loss.

We’ve already had a great response to our casting call for a new blogger to join Diva Dirt. Like any good casting call, we have to put applicants through a rigorous audition process! So just like American Idol/The X Factor (delete as applicable), we’re going to have our candidates audition for the judges – you!

Auditionee number two is Adrian! Read Adrian’s sample blog below and vote “yay” or “nay” on his blogging skills!

This is Victoria Crawford or as some of you wrestling fans know her for her short time on Smackdown as Alicia Fox, she is one of the new Divas from developmental system down in Florida. WWE signed her and Kelly Kelly all the way back in June 2006 – only one of them made it to national TV.

Victoria Crawford would be sent to OVW (former developmental territory) where she would start out by appearing in the audience, then in backstage segments, and eventually she’d be given ring announcer duties at LIVE events. Eventually she made her in-ring debut in the first ever Womens Battle Royal for the OVW Womens Championship. After a few matches on OVW TV she would become the valet of Elijah Burke. Did you know that she once wrestled the demented Glamazon known to man as Beth Phoenix? She always once won the prestigious Womens Championship during a house show but it wasn’t a recognized victory.

More after the cut:

Victoria would later appear in those “Miss OVW” segments, which many point out as a career turning point for one ODB. Late Summer of 2007 right when WWE opened FCW she was transfered there to continue on with her wrestling training. Some wrestling fans say that she’s the new Jacqueline and that she is the 1st model to learn to how to wrestle very quickly.
Victoria would then later on get called up to the main roster but to the Smackdown brand on the June 13, 2008 edition which she debuted in a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero. During Edge and Vickie’s wedding reception on the July 18 episode of Smackdown, Triple H revealed Edge kissing Fox (Crawford) the day before the wedding on camera which both of them claimed to be secretly dating though. Fox (Crawford) involved herself in the WWE Championship match at the 2008 Great American Bash PPV when she attempted to help Edge, but she was stopped by Vickie. The confusion surrounding her interference caused Edge to accidentally spear Vickie.

After The Great American Bash 08 PPV, Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford) would then later on appear in a few backstage segments with Edge on Smackdown, how Edge wanted Fox (Crawford) to be there with him on Smackdown but to keep herself away from Vickie Guerrero.

Recently it was reported on The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has sent Victoria back down to FCW due to the recent addition of The Undertaker in the storyline which him ”coming” for Vickie Guerrero’s soul also had The Undertaker not be in the storyline, the angle thats happening with Guerrero and Taker which one idea would have been for Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford) included Vickie Guerrero using her powers as General Manager to humiliate and ridicule Fox (Crawford) but that angle was turned down to bring The Undertaker back to television.

If Victoria gets called up again to the main roster, don’t expect her to be under the ring name ”Alicia Fox”. Fans should expect her to debut under her real name or a slight variation of it. It should be noted that it was Johnny Ace’s idea to use Victoria Crawford for the Alicia Fox role despite several members of the Creative team pushing for Daisy (Beverly Mullins) or Taryn Terrell (ECW’s Tiffany).

Only time will tell when will Victoria Crawford be back on the main roster again.

What did you think of Adrian’s effort? Vote below!

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