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Diva Dirt Auditions: Michael

So far, you have heard from three of our candidates (well including one disqualified candidate), now it’s time to hear from number four… Michael! Read Michael’s sample blog below and vote after the cut!

Name of the blog: Yes, I need a girlfriend

And away we go!

First off, let me tell you my name : SurpriseElement. I can’t tell you
my real name as the government has  – um, moving on…

Age, you ask? I’m out of college, and that’s the closest you’ll be
getting to guessing.

So, why does a handsome guy like me like women’s wrestling? Well, I’ve
always appreciated woman who are useful. Women who serve to do more
than stand around and look pretty. I mean, as a kid, you don’t care if
a someone can cook or clean or nail a moving target from 500 feet
away. Okay, maybe the last one, but for the most part, the look is
what gets you.

More after the cut:

But, as you get older, you begin to let go of childish things and
begin to want more in a person, whether it’s your boss or your
friends. You want … what’s word here … substance to go with your

So, with my blithering out of the way, allow me to give you my
favorite Diva of all time : Beth Phoenix!

I give her so many nicknames : The Beautiful Blonde Beast,  Divine
White Lioness, Mesmerizing Polish Beauty. Okay, you get it, I like

She manages to combine strength and beauty in a natural way, she has
the believable look of a woman who can clean house anytime she wants
to, there are countless people who praise her work ethic, she once
pickd up two grown men over her shoulders and made it look easy, et
cetera, et cetera…

I like everything about her. Despite being a heel, she is a complete
sweetheart outside the ring, her features can go from intimidating to
angelic within a nanosecond (as evidenced in her relationship with
Santino), she’s an accomplished amateur wrestler – I mean, what we’ve
seen within the year she’s come back is only a tip of the icebrg of
what she can really do.

… and scene

Hope you didn’t fall asleep on my sample :P

Vote below on whether you thought Michael’s blog was “yay” or “nay”.

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