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Diva Dirt Auditions: Steven

We’ve already had a great response to our casting call for a new blogger to join Diva Dirt. Like any good casting call, we have to put applicants through a rigorous audition process! So just like American Idol/The X Factor (delete as applicable), we’re going to have our candidates audition for the judges – you!

Auditionee number one is Steven, who was the first person to answer our casting call. Read Steven’s sample blog below and vote “yay” or “nay” on his blogging skills!

Well with the end of the year swiftly approaching, there’s no better time to rank our WWE Divas. While some divas have soared to new heights in 2008, others have plummeted faster than the 2008 VMA ratings. Here’s the roundup of who did and didn’t make the grade in 2008 (so far).


Mickie James – Raw’s Lil’ Firecracker

Early 2008 was a great time for Mickie James. She beat her nemesis, Beth Phoenix for Women’s Championship, was the top face on Raw, and possibly the most popular diva in the WWE. Fast Foward to the present: Mickie lost the title to the Glamazon, is lacking a solid character or feud, and is in danger of being pushed to the background by the returning Candice Michelle. Mickie could use a heel turn and a decent feud, (maybe a jealous rage against the overrated Candice?), if she’s to return to her former glory.
Grade: B+

More after the cut:

Beth Phoenix – Glamorella
The Glamazon went into 2008 golden, not only was she the most dominant diva in WWE since Chyna, but she also had the strap around her waist, and a clique (Jillian and Melina) to help her keep it there. On the Path to the present she had a fierce rivalry ex-friend Melina and a key loss to Mickie James. However she managed to reclaim the gold, and acquire a boytoy in the Unibrowed Italian, Santino Marella.
Grade: A

Kelly Kelly – Raw’s Rookie

Remember when we first saw Kelly step foot in the ring at December to Dismember? Yeah…, I’d rather forget too. However in 2008, the ECW diva overcome her tendencies to strip, feuded with everyone’s favorite dancing snob, Layla and made a jump over to the red brand, where her improvements in the ring can really shine. She even has a win over Beth Phoenix. Now if she could only learn how to dance.
Grade: B

Jillian Hall – Untapped Potential

Anyone who has seen Jillian wrestle in OVW would agree that she is one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE. But due to a combination of a poor gimmick, bad booking, and blatant favortism, Jillian has yet another bad year. Being stuck jobbing and working tag team matches for the entire year, while less talented Divas like Maria get pushed has to be frustrating. Maybe a jump to TNA is in Jillian future? At least she wouldn’t be singing.
Grade: C

So that was Steven’s sample blog, what did you think? Vote below!

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