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Diva Dirt Celebrates Two Years

Crazy how time flies, right? Honestly, I had completely forgotten about this and remembered half an hour before midnight here in the UK. Today, March 16th, marks two whole years of Diva Dirt!

In the past year alone since our first year milestone, we have accomplished so much that it boggles me. This started out as just a hobby and it’s become such a huge part of our lives and has opened many doors for us. It hasn’t been easy, you guys will probably never know just how much goes on behind the scenes and it can, at times, be much like having a real job. But I truly believe that the tight ship we run here is part of the reason we stand out and have had so much success in the past two years.

Now some thank yous to all the people who make this site possible:
* Erin: you have been my right hand from day one. You believed in Diva Dirt and started this journey with me and look where we’re at now!
*To our team of contributors: Steven, Cryssi, David — thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
* Thank you to Kristin Astara, for bringing your southern sass our way.
* To past contibutors, particularly the amazing Tiffany who we miss everyday — thank you!
* To the person who helped us and believed in us when we were down on our luck: Jason Deadrich, thank you!
* To all the lovely interviewees we’ve had over the past year or so. We’ve told some great stories!
* Thank you to all of the women of wrestling who inspire us to keep writing about them!
* And to each and every one of you who visit, comment and donate. We can’t please everyone but we try and you guys show us that we’re doing something right everytime you visit or comment. Thank you for your continued support!

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