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Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2013: ‘OMG Moment’ of the Year – Taryn Hits Gail with a Running Cutter off the Ramp

The results are in! Over the past few weeks you have been voting in the thousands for the winners of the 2013 Diva Dirt Fan Awards. All of the votes have been counted and verified, and it’s now time to reveal who you’ve picked.

‘OMG Moment’ of the Year

The nominees were:
Eve Torres “quits” the WWE, January 14th Raw
Brie and Nikki Bella return, March 11th Raw
Trish Stratus announces she’s pregnant during her HOF speech
Taryn Terrell hits a running cutter off the ramp on Gail Kim during Last Knockout Standing match, Slammiversary 2013
AJ Lee is revealed as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer, June 10th Raw
Stephanie McMahon confronts AJ, June 17th Raw
Dixie Carter turns heel, September 19th Impact Wrestling
Diva Dirt sign appears on Raw, November 25th Raw

And the winner is:
Taryn Terrell hits a running cutter off the ramp, Slammiversary 2013 – 37%

View the full results below:

Did the right moment win?

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