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Diva Dirt Joins Female Fight League & More Notes

We have moved to a new, hopefully permanent home! We are pleased to reveal that we have joined the Female Fight League family, joining such sites and promotions as ChickFight, ClickWrestle and Online World of Wrestling to name a few. A big thank you to the wonderful Jason Deadrich for inviting us into the network and for facilitating our move!

What does this mean for you? Joining the Female Fight League family gives us even more exposure to women’s wrestling fans around the world and exclusive access to the stars of ChickFight, plus we are also hoping to give Diva Dirt readers discounts on matches at ClickWrestle. Stay tuned for more on all of this!

We are so excited to celebrate another milestone in our 18 month history! We also have a few other site related announcements below:

Roundtable on iTunes: In another huge piece of news for Diva Dirt, we are extremely excited to reveal that the Diva Dirt Roundtable is now available for download on iTunes! You can download all past episodes of the Roundtable for FREE through iTunes and put it on your iPod/iPhone or just listen to it through iTunes. The Diva Dirt Roundtable has so far recorded 4 episodes, all filled with discussion about all aspects of women’s wrestling. The length of each episode varies between 45 minutes to an hour; last week’s episode was actually one hour and 15 minutes! Roundtable on iTunes »

50 Sexiest Divas 2009: Voting for the second annual 50 Sexiest Divas closed on Friday. We were hoping to begin the results this week but due to the move and some other stuff, we have decided to push back the results so that they can take center-stage at a later date. Right now, I feel they’d get lost in the shuffle and deserve a lot of attention. We have pushed back our big summer feature to coincide with WWE’s big summer pay per view, SummerSlam — makes sense right? Results will begin on the week of August 17th.

That Big Announcement: For the past week we have been teasing that we have a major announcement to make. We were supposed to make the announcement on August 1st [Saturday], but due to the move we have pushed it back to today! Stay tuned later today for full details…

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