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Diva Dirt LIVE Tonight at 10pm ET: Now 90 Minutes + Launch of ‘The DD Factor’

Diva Dirt LIVE is back tonight at 10pm ET (9pm CT/7pm PDT/3am UK)! Here’s what’s coming up tonight and how you can get involved…

Tonight: David and Jennifer are joined by Eric as guest co-host on Diva Dirt LIVE as we expand to 90 minutes! Plus tonight sees the launch of ‘The DD Factor’…


We are beginning the search to find the most knowledgable women’s wrestling fans in our new weekly competition, ‘The DD Factor’. Call in tonight on 866-588-9257 and try and impress our judges with your women’s wrestling knowledge. Be sure to come armed & dangerous with three unique facts that you think will impress our judges. If you get 3 yes’s, you’ll advance to the top 10.

Have you got The DD Factor?

All the details you need to call in, tweet and comment are after the cut:

You can either call, tweet or comment during the live show:

* Call in: We’ll be on the air live from 10pm ET/9pm CT/7pm PDT/3am UK. US listeners can call us toll free from landlines on 866-588-9257.

Alternatively, listeners worldwide can call us for free via Skype and BlogTalkRadio. Make sure you have an active user account and are logged into both Skype and BlogTalkRadio. Then, during the live show visit tinyurl.com/divadirtlive13 and click the ‘Click to Talk’ button (see below). By clicking, this will open up Skype and put you through to us.

* Twitter: If you can’t call in or you’re too shy, why not send us a tweet during the show? Tell us what you think of the topics we’ll be discussing, tell us what you think of the show and more. Send your tweets to @divadirt. We will read out some of your tweets throughout the show!

* Comment: As well as Twitter, you can leave your thoughts the old fashioned way — in our comments section! Just leave your comments in the post for Diva Dirt LIVE, which will go online at 9.30pm ET. Again, tell us what you think of our topics and of the show, ask us questions etc. We will read out a sample of comments throughout the show, so keep ’em coming!

Be sure to join us at 10pm ET live!

See you all tonight!

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