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Diva Dirt Promoters Season: Behind the NCW Femmes Fatales Curtain with Stéphane Bruyere – FF VII on October 8th, LuFisto, Kalamity & More!

Hypothetically, if you could poach any talent from those promotions or WWE/TNA, who would it be?
There are lots of names that are coming on my mind. Firstly, all the wrestlers I noted earlier, but if I concentrate on WWE, Kharma, Natalya and Beth Phoenix would for sure be my first three choices, even though I already had Kharma on one of our shows. I would also like to book the Bella Twins. There are lots of things that can be done with them and I think WWE doesn’t seem to know what to do, and that’s true for many talents there. As for TNA, Tara would for sure be my first choice. Always been a huge fan of her work. I would not say no to Mickie James either!

What is the goal for you with Femmes Fatales? To continue to produce live events and DVDs, or perhaps TV or Internet pay per views?
Our main goal is, first, to continue to improve our product. We will continue to work with our wrestlers to bring them to the next level. We want them to gain experience with our events by being backstage with some of the best in the business and having the chance to work with those names. We have some really young great talents on our roster that will push on our midcarders and upper midcarders in the near future, and I think this will be clean competition for all of them as everybody is working with everybody in our backstage. If there is an opening for TV or Internet PPV, yes, I think I would be interested, but one thing at a time has always been my way of thinking. As for now, our DVD sales are doing good, whether it’s through our website or through Highspots, and our matches are also available for online buying on If I end up having the contact or the budget for TV and/or Internet PPV, I would do it for sure!

In terms of the next year, let’s say, what is coming up in Femmes Fatales? Any immediate goals for the year ahead whether they be to book a certain talent, run an X number of shows etc.?
The next season of Femmes Fatales should be, without no doubt, our best season so far. We will do our three regular show, plus the Amazones and Titans tournament. There are some talents that I am really looking forward to book for our next season, some of them have been mentioned during this interview, and the others, well I will stay silent for now! I would like to improve, like I said, the product, also to see good improvement from the wrestlers and maybe have more of our Quebec girls on our upper card and maybe making their debuts in other promotions in the US, Japan or anywhere else in Canada. Finally, if the Femmes Fatales brand can be brought to Ontario, I think that would be an amazing opportunity for everybody.

Anything else you can announce to us for Femmes Fatales VII on October 8th?
Well, I can announce to you what should be announced in the next days. One of the remaining matches that will be held on October 8th will be a rematch from SHIMMER as the ‘Rate Tank’ Kellie Skater will try to ‘vancouverize’ (ask Allison Danger to understand) Courtney Rush in what should be a great match up! I really put expectations high for our next event and will do everything that I can so it can be a huge success.

Any last words? Where can fans find you?
You can follow our website at and our official Twitter, @nCwFF, for the last matches for October 8th and news about our promotion. If you haven’t check us out on DVD, I would recommend you to at least give us a chance as you can order by PayPal. If you have any questions on prices or don’t understand our merchandise section on our website, just write me an e-mail and I will be glad to help you: [email protected]. I would like to thank Diva Dirt for everything they are doing to help women’s wrestling and for this interview!

NCW Femmes Fatales returns to action on October 8th in Montreal, Quebec. For more information and tickets click here.

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