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Diva Dirt Style Jury: Week of December 14th, 2009

Welcome to the Diva Dirt Style Jury! No more are the separate ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ lists, instead, we have come up with a scientific approach *cough* to compiling our weekly fashion column. The Diva Dirt team will weigh in on the different looks from the week gone by & mark each look with a score out of ten. The look with the highest average score will be our best look and the look with the lowest average score will be the worst look. Click each photo to see the look in full size.

Let the proverbial runway show begin!

Erin: Is this a top and a skirt or a dress? Either way, I’m not too keen on it. The pattern could be cute on another clothing item, but here it looks a bit too “Malibu Barbie” for me. 4/10
Melanie: It’s er, unique? I know Alicia has her own quirky style and all, that’s cool but I just can’t… 3/10

Erin: It’s not the smartest thing in the world to wear such short, tight dresses for an Evening Gown match, but the dresses themselves aren’t bad at all. I prefer the one with less lace, though. 7/10
Melanie: I like these outfits. I don’t think we can ever expect anything mind-blowing from the Bellas, but this is a step in the right direction. 6/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Erin: The halter straps accentuate her muscular shoulders a bit too much, so it makes the gown look a bit awkward on her. I like that she went with simple black, though, and didn’t go as outlandish as some of the other Divas did. 6/10
Melanie: Very predictable. 5/10

Erin: Simple, but effective in making her look like a stone cold badass. Leather can go wrong very easily, but I think Beth wears it well in this simple manner. 8/10
Melanie: A vest jacket thing isn’t a top. 3/10

Erin: The print’s not bad, but the band of blue around her waist makes it look like an over-the-top gown that would come in the box with a Barbie doll. Take out the sparkly blueness and it would look sooo much better. 5/10
Melanie: I like this. I think it’s cute, flirty and summery. I agree though, the blue waist band isn’t working for me. It’d be better without. 7/10

Erin: Gail stands out against the sea of dark, long dresses with her white minidress. The drapyness keeps it from looking too tight and hoochie, and I really like it overall. I really think the whole look would improve if her hair was down, though. 8/10
Melanie: Gorgeous! Wow, Gail looks totally angelic. The dress is short and tight-fitting without being hoochie. Her hair is gorgeous. The draped scarf thing makes it very elegant and ethereal also. 10/10

Erin: It’s kind of like there’s neon arrows pointing at her boobs, with the crossed straps and gold sequiened bands surrounding them. It’s not very subtle, but not all that trashy either now that I think about it. With the WWE, I think we’ve seen much, much worse. Jillian works it, too. 8/10
Melanie: Ironically for WWE, I think there’s far too much cleavage going on here. The dress seems designed to show off cleavage and while that’s okay, this is does it in an overt, hoochie way. 2/10

Erin: I appreciate that it’s not pink! The blue is a gorgeous color, but I think I’d like it better without the massive sparkliness. 6/10
Melanie: Barbie goes to prom? 5/10

Erin: The cutouts are too overzealous for me. It’s just trashy-looking. Add to that the fact that they’re accented with sequins and we’re looking at a perfectly trashy Prom dress. 3/10
Melanie: This is seriously hoochie. 2/10

Erin: This is nothing terrible nor fantastic, but the print on the tank top looks like a close cousin to Ed Hardy–and that’s not a good thing. It just feels like something that’d be more at home in 2005 than 2010. 6/10
Melanie: Cute, simple. Nice colour co-ordination. 6/10

Erin: I like that she’s implementing her ring style into this look, but this is a whole lot of red. It’s a bit too va-va-vhoom for me. 6/10
Melanie: This reminds me of the Bellas’ usual outfits where they’re wearing far too much of one colour. The outfit itself is a tad boring for Maryse. 4/10

Erin: Not liking the intermixing of leopard print and random patches of color. It kind of looks like a flashy old lady’s idea of drapery. Definitely not my idea of a classy evening gown. 5/10
Melanie: This has a similar idea to it as Eve’s but I think it’s far too dark, the tye-dye job doesn’t look great. I don’t like it. 3/10

Erin: It looks like Macy’s went overboard wrapping Michelle this year. 5/10
Melanie: I’ve raved over this look. It turns heads and only a girl like Michelle can pull this off. Fierce & fabulous. 10/10

Erin: It’s tough to go wrong with a wifebeater and jeans, and Michelle looks as cool as a cucumber in them, especially with the light wash of the jeans. 8/10
Melanie: Like Layla’s backstage look, simple and understated. I like the necklace. 7/10

Erin: Another Diva overdoses on sparkles. The gray color is pretty, but I feel like the sparkles should be used sparingly rather than coat the Diva like she’s a Christmas tree ornament. Maybe if the dress were a bit looser, its texture wouldn’t look as overbearing. 6/10
Melanie: It’s decent but I don’t know if it’s very flattering. 5/10

Erin: Okay.. I know I wanted Mickie’s previous dress to be looser, but this one is a bit too shapeless. There’s just not much to look at, aside from the accidental-looking holes in the sleeves. 6/10
Melanie: Again, unflattering. 4/10

Erin: Not much to say about a black minidress. Natalya wears it well, though. 7/10
Melanie: Standard mini black dress. It’s okay, nothing spectacular. 5/10

Erin: The stuff hanging from her bodice is a bit random. Other than that it’s a rather ordinary black dress. 6/10
Melanie: For some reasont his doesn’t look right to me. A) The dress is far too boring for Rosa. B) The dress is wearing her and not the other way around. 4/10

Erin: I want to burn those earrings.–they just annoy me for some reason. Those, paried with the shiny, tight blue dress, bright red lipstick, and over-done hair, make Rosa look like she’s working the streets post-show. :X 4/10
Melanie: Yeah, this is sending out the wrong kind of message… 3/10

Erin: I feel like the dress would look a lot better if it were less shiny. As is it looks a lot cheaper than it probably is. 6/10
Melanie: I love the deep red but I can’t help but feel it looks like a knock-off version of something an A-List celebrity would wear at the Oscars. 6/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Layla #1: 5/20
Alicia Fox: 7/20
Rosa Mendes #2: 7/20
Melina: 8/20
Jillian: 10/20
Maryse: 10/20
Mickie James #2: 10/20
Rosa Mendes #2: 7/20
Beth Phoenix #1: 11/20
Beth Phoenix #2
: 11/20
Kelly Kelly: 11/20
Mickie James #1: 11/20
Layla #2: 12/20
Tiffany: 12/20
The Bella Twins: 13/20
Eve Torres: 13/20
Natalya: 13/20
Michelle McCool #1: 15/20
Michelle McCool #2: 15/20
Gail Kim: 18/20

LOSER: LAYLA. Once considered most stylish, what happened?

WINNER: GAIL KIM. Gail looked a million bucks in her angellic white dress.

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

She keeps it dark and relatively simple for her style, and I like the results. The dress is cute, though I’m not sure how I feel about the thigh-high boots.. They *almost* clash with the rest of the look. Other than that, it’s a pretty nice ensemble. 8/10

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