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TNA Final Resolution 2009 Predictions

In the final pay per view of the year, ODB defends the Knockouts Championship against Tara at TNA’s Final Resolution. Following a heated rivalry, which one will come out on top and be the champion? The Diva Dirt team weigh in:

Erin: ODB was triumphant in the “Drunken Street Fight”, so I get the feeling that it’s Tara’s turn to get the upper hand. ODB’s had the Knockouts Championship for some time too, so a title switch could be helpful in mixing things up. I get a sneaking suspicion that ODB’s heel turn had a lot to do with setting up a title win for Tara, as an all-babyface feud wouldn’t have been as effective, even though some feel this feud as it is is hardly the bee’s knees. Anways, I think it’s Tara‘s time to shine, and hopefully this time she’ll hold the title longer than the blink of an eye.

Melanie: It seems to me that TNA has waited till the end of the year to deliver Tara and the fans a fantastic Christmas present. There is no way that Tara won’t walk out tonight as the new Knockouts Champion. Okay, that sounds very definite and if it doesn’t happen I’ll sound like an idiot but that’s how confident I am. I have to say, I have really liked the way this feud has been booked; it hasn’t been a number of run-ins as with Tara/Kong, rather it’s been more personal and heated. I don’t think this match will be very good, I hope I’m surprised but the story behind it should sell the animosity and that’s what could make the match. Tara will be the new Knockouts Champion tonight.

Steven: Let’s face it ODB’s title run has been quite uneventful. Saddled with Cody Deaner for the better part of the year, she hasn’t been able to break away from her comedy act until recently when she turned on Tara. Tara on the other hand has been on quite a roll lately. Her feud with Awesome Kong opened eyes and gave her back some of the momentum she lost after her short title reign earlier this year. I expect Tara to leave with the strap at Final Resolution and feud with ODB throughout early 2010. It seems TNA is ready to pull the trigger and make Tara the face of the Knockouts Division, and it’s about time.

Tiffany: Tara hasn’t been booked very strongly in this feud thus far, and I suppose that means (by wrestling definition) that she has a chance at picking up the championship.  ODB has already scored a pinfall over Tara last week, so it really could go either way.  I will vote for Tara, however, out of sheer hope and blind faith in TNA.

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